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San Francisco, 2020


Directed by

Rodrigo A Cantero

If you’re going to put me on the spot and ask me about myself.. and who is HiGHMAGS.. Maggie Mellen..


I guess, everything about me will most likely stem from one constantly concept that I apply to every part of my life. I am, you are, we all are apart of a collective of conscious beings. We are a collective of feelings, emotions, strengths, weakness, and above all of those.. we are collective of experiences. 


As the collective.. we are all bound to different paths. I am me, and this is my life. You are you, and this is your life. This idea is most known as “individualism”. 


Back to the beginning.. you asked me who is HiGHMAGS.. who is Maggie Mellen.. 


As DJ HiGHMAGS, I am an experience creator. I am a room reader. I am someone who shows you something you didn’t know you wanted but actually needed, through the power of music. I am someone who brings the collective to one single moment in life. 


To live a life feeling alone yet surrounded by hundreds/thousands of people at a time.. I believe it’s important to come to one single moment. Forget the rest of the world. Forget the differences. Forget the struggles we all endure… When you come together for one memorable moment and leave all the bullshit behind… I believe it’s euphoria we are meant to feel together as one. 


I specialize in genre’s from electronic, mashups, hip hop, trap, bass, dubstep.. and many more. I am self taught and passionate and will always bring something new to the table. There is no doubt, every experience will always be a new.. and necessary.. 


As Maggie Mellen.. 


I am a property manger, DJ, clothing line owner, entrepreneur, animal rights activist/activist, dog trainer, even coordinator, sales.. honestly, a “jack of all trades” kind of person. 


If I could achieve anything in the world.. I would like to talk openly about the world wide loneliness, the bullshit concept of “one is better than another”, the boxes we’ve been forced into since day one.. (even before day one.. we’ve been breed into some unmoral mindsets..”. I want to remind the collective of the world that we are one and regardless of our material differences.. our geographical differences.. our dietary differences.. our what the fuck ever differences.. Difference is what makes us individual. I am me and you are you. If we can grasp that we can understand that difference is supposed to bring us closer.


I would like to be an advocate.. a leader.. to a better world.. a better community. I want to bring positivity, inclusiveness, confidence, support, and love to those who don’t have that. I want to remind everyone that we can do whatever we are passionate about. This is everyone’s first time doing everything. No one is better than another. We are one. We are capable. 


I am here. I am not going anywhere. 


-Maggie Mellen


One night


Directed by

Rodrigo A Cantero

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