San Francisco, 2020


Directed by

Rodrigo A Cantero


Self-made DJ all the way from Indiana. DJ Highmags (also known as Maggie Mellen) started her musical journey in 2016 when she moved her entire life 736+ miles all the way to New York City, where she did an Audio Engineering Apprenticeship at Engine Room Audio in the Financial District. While educating herself on the ins and outs of the music world with schooling and internships, she eventually got a hold of her first AKAI midi controller and soon branched out to a Pioneer DJ controller. Little did anyone know, including herself, that DJ controller would change her life entirely.


Currently, Maggie resides in San Francisco, California. Within the first 5 months she has performed multiple shows and starred in a couple short story films on DJs in the city.

What you can find here are all the things that will connect you closer to our new up and coming favorite DJ. With her undeniable courage and passion, stick around and see how high Maggie will go!

One night


Directed by

Rodrigo A Cantero

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